Bitcoin in Media: Portrayals of Emerging Tech Markets 2020

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From the Winklevoss twins to Bill Gates to Juicy J, a historical look at the way cryptocurrency and Bitcoin have been portrayed in mainstream media & how this attributes to mainstream adoption - check out my keynote from the Crypto Current Conference in New Orleans to learn more about the way that media portrayals of Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency have effected market trends.

“The toughest challenge I’ve faced in my time in cryptocurrency is definitely the perception of what it means to “be in cryptocurrency” – I don’t do technical analysis, I’m not a trader or a miner, I’m not a developer and I don’t want to read every whitepaper.

I do however love looking at the cryptocurrency community as a catalyst for growth and adoption of technology. My primary focus is zeroing in on the way that the community has been portrayed and perceived from the outside, via sources such as social spaces, television, movies and music. This type of research is new to our community, as anecdotal evidence of cryptocurrency is just beginning to hit the mainstream over the last few years.

New people will enter the space, things will continue to change, this will be an uphill battle and we won’t all be mathematicians – but diversification of skill sets matters here, especially when looking at something so vast as global adoption. “ - Rachel Siegel (CryptoFinally), Cointelegraph Magazine

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