BTC May 17th Afternoon Update - Massive Resistance Near $10K. Updated Course Is Out Soon.

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Available by crypto for $190 for all 3 courses and you get a hard copy. After June 2020, only those that have access to it will still have access to it, and those that don't, won't be able to purchase it. In 2020, course #1/2 will be revised entirely and given free to all those that have access to the courses already.

If you're interested, this is the ETH address. Once sent, DM me a screenshot on twitter and I'll send a link right away. Thank you for your support.
ETH: 0x96ef09b7245c1ea726fada6b4a13c5a2f4cd4ef5

I offer 3 courses that can catalyze your learning. I've amassed a following due to my consistent track record, profits, and ability to teach. Please consider taking them. It shows my trading style with intermediate to advanced strategies you've seen me use while live trading. It also has a high emphasis on trading psychology.
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