Is This Bitcoins Big Moment

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While The fed and central banks rush to inflate fiat currency, by printing trillions of dollars, at the same time, we are witnessing bitcoin deflate and cut it's new supply.

in this video, I will explain what this means, how we should view this contrast between inflationary and deflationary assets and I will even show you where the Bitcoin price could be next year

I know Bitcoin is hard to understand because it's so many things. I have done dozens and dozens of videos on each little facet of it, so if you are new, you might want to go back and watch some of those.

But of all the things we think it is, one thing for sure is that it is the most secure network, ever, in the history of the world, as it has never been hacked

many think it's blockchain technology that is so revolutionary, but it's only 1 single element that makes Bitcoin what it is. The Bitcoin network is not a cloud ledger where transactions are aggregated.

It is secure because there is no central source of truth, no public blockchain
instead, each participant has its own version. No one trusts each other, instead they all worth to validate, and form a consensus

Let me know what you think

- Mark

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