LIFE ON BITCOIN - Official Trailer

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in 2013, a young couple decided to put Bitcoin (and themselves) to the ultimate test. If Bitcoin is going to change the world, it has to start with regular people using it every day.

Can Beccy and Austin live only on Bitcoin for every living expense for the first three months of their married life together?

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Starring: Austin Craig / Beccy Craig / Jeffrey Tucker / Kashmir Hill / Sam Cole / Dan Kaminsky / Ross Gerber

Directors: The Good Line / Travis Pitcher / Joseph LeBaron
Post Production and Editing: The Good Line / Travis Pitcher / Josh Gibson / Mango Productions / Alex Moore / Travis Moore
Writers: Joseph LeBaron / James Alexander / Austin Craig / Beccy Craig
Score: Micah Dahl Anderson
Production Design and Animations: Josh
Sound Design and Engineering: Daren Smith
Colorist: Ben Brooksby

Executive Producer: John Pestana
Producer: Theron Harmon
Co-Producers: Christian Hseih / Suzy Batiz

Website: Connor Boyack
Life on Bitcoin Founding Team: Connor Boyack / Jeffrey Harmon / Daniel Harmon / Austin Craig / Beccy Craig / Theron Harmon
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